Tooth Rust and Georgie McVicar debut as Egg Meat on Alien Jams


Egg Meat is the alias of Tooth Rust aka Laurel Uziell and Georgie McVicar.

The London-based artists come together for their debut eponymous EP which is built around poems spoken by Danny Hayward.

Released on 18th November via Alien Jams, the five tracks manipulate, chop and screw Danny’s speech in interesting ways. At times the words surface and at others they are buried beneath dense electronics and noise, or scattered across frenetic rhythms.


Tooth Rust has previously released music on early reflex and Cherche Encore. The latter has also been home to Georgie McVicar’s collaboration with Hmurd, and preceded their album on regular affiliate Mutualism.

1. Little Tune
2. Earth Inside Them
3. Milton, Plate 32 [35]
4. Climate and Resilience
5. 395

Egg Meat will be released on the 18th November.