Foam On A Wave release first compilation of obscure dub techno from Pan•American


Foam On A Wave have compiled works from Pan•American, the solo project of post-rock group Ladbradford’s front man Mark Nelson.

A window into the producer’s ambient dub and dub techno experiments, which were composed at the turn of the century, the release is comprised of music from three of Mark’s EPs which have been fully restored and remastered.

A departure from his post-rock sound with Ladbradford, his solo productions see him focusing on electronics, using sampling and other music technologies available to him.


The compilation is made up of some of his most emotive and dreamy music, taken from releases on London’s Zedelgem and Portland’s (K-RAA-K)3, Veritcal Form and BSI Records.

Mark still tours and makes music to this day, including a series of releases on Longform Editions and his long-standing label home Kranky.

A1 Renzo
A2 Esso
B1 Quarry A
B2 For a Running Dog (Reborn)

Daylight In Dub is out on 3rd March.