El irreal Veintiuno releases concept album on Infinite Machine

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Mexican producer and mainstay of the underground scene El Irreal Veintiuno will release a new concept LP on Infinite Machine.

Irrealidades is a reflection on Mexico’s sonic landscape and his attempt to chart the country’s historical becoming: “from the rich, imagined sounds of pre-hispanic times to its current war-torn reality”.

It’s as much about the music as it is the thinking behind it. Sonically it’s filled with heavy syncopated rhythms, whirring noises and FX, looped vocal samples and metallic synths all brimming with tension and drama.


This new album follows El Irreal Veintiuno’s (real name Bryan Dálvez) tracks and releases for NAAFI, Subreal and Infinite Machine.

Irrealidades is out March 31st.