Manfredas & Marijus Aleksa’s Santaka project share new EP for Sahko Recordings

2022 FS 120 1 25 1 (web rez)

Santaka – the collaborative project of jazz drummer and experimentalist Marijus Aleksa and DJ and producer Manfredas – have released their second EP on Finnish imprint Sahko Recordings.

The eponymous release, which translates in Lithuanian as ‘confluence’, follows their debut on Byrd Out last year and is another journey into the pair’s concoction of electronic sound, percussive rhythms and avant-jazz influences.

The duo inhabit a space between their respective musical practices, Manfredas’ club-oriented output and Marijus’ jazz background, which has been bolstered by the recruitment of several free jazz and avant musicians from Vilnius who join them on both of their releases.


This sophomore EP finds a home on the legendary Sahko Records who reissued ‘atto iv’, a ’90s Lithuanian composition from Vladimir  Tarasov which coincidentally played a big role in the birth of the Santaka project.

As a drummer Marijus Aleksa has toured with many of the best contemporary names in jazz including Joe Armon Jones, Ashley Henry, Bill Laurance, China Moses and more. DJ and producer Manfredas is one of the most notable figures in the Lithuanian electronic music scene, running Radio Vilnius and also making up one half of Dresden alongside Ivan Smagghe.

Santaka is out now on Sahko Recordings.