Nabihah Iqbal announces new single Sunflower and  new album

nabiah iqbal

Nabihah Iqbal, the London-born artist, curator, broadcaster, and lecturer, has released a new single and music video titled “Sunflower” from her upcoming album, “Dreamer”.

This new album arrives five years after her debut album, “Weighing Of The Heart,” and is her most reflective work to date, inspired by her experiences during the early months of 2020 when her studio was burgled. Nabihah lost all her work, including the long-awaited album. The album sees Nabihah reflect on personal identity and grief through the soft-focus lens of melancholy, and the album is not tied to one specific sound veering in many directions. Her left-field lo-fi aesthetic envelops throughout as she manages to skate between tracks without ever sounding disjointed.


The new single, “Sunflower,” is inspired by a William Blake poem and is about those who die young and leave their art behind, according to Nabihah. The official music video was directed by Luh’ra, shot in South Africa earlier this year. “Sunflower” is the second track to be shared after her recent shoegaze inspired single “This World Couldn’t See Us.”

Nabihah Iqbal will also perform at various UK festivals this summer and play a special album launch show at London’s ICA on 13th May. Nabihah has also been announced as a guest director for England’s largest multi-arts festival, Brighton Festival, happening 6th-28th May 2023.


Dreamer,” out 28th April on Ninja Tune.