Iconic Belgian imprint USA Import Records relaunch with reissue of Liza N’ Eliaz

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USA Import Records – a Belgian institute, label and record shop in Antwerp – is being relaunched by the children of its original owner, with a reissue from another Belgian icon Liza N’ Eliza.

The record shop was originally founded in the ’70s and played a pivotal role in the Belgian music scene until its closure in the 2000s, while its label arm released music from AB Logic, Natural Born Grooves, The Mackenzie and more.

The reissue of Liza N’ Eliaz’s Initial Gain EP, which was originally released in 1992 on USA Import’s sub-level Atom Records, comes with two new reworks from Tolouse Low Trax which breathe new life into the originals.


Liza N’ Eliza was a prolific artist from Ostend who sadly passed in Antwerp in 2001. A respected DJ, producer and label owner operating in the hardcore and speedcore scene, she was given the nickname “The Queen of Terror”.

Throughout her career she worked with artists like DJ Dano, Laurent Hô and The Prophet and released music on Atom, Bonzai and her own label Provision Records, which was started in collaboration with USA Import Records.

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