Premiere: The Dude Of Stratosphear – Gayatri


French music platform and label Les Yeux Orange return for the third instalment in their Driving Blind compilation series.

The sweet sound of song floated on air from somewhere distant and unknown. Every morning it provided a warm wake up call for the village and its inhabitants; a cue to begin their day’s work and play. Where the source was nobody knew, the vibrations had wandered out of the woodlands some years ago and before long people no longer questioned where they were emanating from. Instead they welcomed these dulcet sounds as a gift; one that required no explanation or reasoning.


Les Yeux Orange’s sprawling compilation series, Driving Blind, has become a hallmark of the French music platform and label’s output. Each volume has showcased the music that’s close to their hearts and the extended family of producers they’ve built around them; with the third instalment it’s no different. Over the course of 23 tracks, the release touches on all corners of the electronic music spectrum, from hypnotic electronica and sludgy acid to punkish rhythms and chugging synths, and features music from the likes of Borusiade, Tech Support, Anastasia Zems and The Dude of Stratosphear.