Premiere: Errortica & Curses – Hangman


Lyon’s Hard Fist celebrate five years of existence with a compilation featuring collaborations from label friends and family.

The thick metal door slammed with an ominous thud; the sound of the key twisting in the lock made his insides do the same. A realisation washed over him; he wasn’t going to escape his mistakes this time, his sentence was in the email – signed, sealed and delivered. Years and years of swerving the law, of flying under the radar and not taking responsibility for his actions, but this time it wouldn’t go unpunished. He’d made his bed and he’d have to lie in it, at least until the hangman came knocking at his door.


For the last five years Lyon-based DJs and producers Tushen Rai and Cornelius Doctor have been trawling the outer reaches of the universe mining for musical gold. Through their label Hard Fist they’ve not just built a strong sonic identity, they’ve also grown an extensive family of like-minded producers, many of whom are helping them to celebrate and commemorate this five year milestone. Self-dubbed a “Unidentified Noisy Object (U.N.O)”, to mark the occasion they’ve enlisted label mates and peers who’ve been part of their journey to collaborate as part of a mammoth compilation titled Dust of Life.

The double LP, which was lovingly supported by their devoted following via a crowdfunding campaign, features link ups from the likes of Bawrut & Phil Louzolo, Sascha Funke & Fantastic Twins and Errortica & Curses, who explore threads of post-punk, new wave, acid, trance and electronica.


Dust of Life is out on 8th December via Hard Fist.