Chanel Beads releases debut album

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The New York band come project lead by Shane Lavers is brought into focus through the release of a first album.

Chanel Beads has released their debut album from the evolving project, the brainchild of Shane Lavers from lower Manhattan’s Dimes Square. The band has gathered a cult following of sorts, drawing influence from the days of post punk, grunge, shoegaze and a sense of oddly placed 90’s nostalgia. Merged alongside current leftfield indie music from the likes of Dean Blunt, the group sits between worlds and has grown from strength to strength following the release of a string of EP’s.

Now the group have released their first full length album, built of an assortment of previously released material alongside new additions. Titled ‘Your Day Will Come’ the album is described as being something of a personal exploration for Shane Lavers who began to work on the project during lockdown.


Released by Jagjaguwar and featuring nine tracks, the story behind the record is described as follows:

“Lavers first started writing Your Day Will Come during a period of reflection in November 2022. Stuck quarantining in his Brooklyn apartment, he found himself wanting to dig down into the core of who he truly was, apart from fleeting trends or rebounding cultural moments. So during that strange time between winter holidays, he started to write songs that wrestled with an early loss that had rippled throughout his life, foundational to the way he sees himself and the way he relates to others. Many of the lyrics that remained were in response to both internal and external conflicts. They were words that he had to speak aloud to uncover the reality of the situation.”