Crowdfunder launched to save Noods & Mickey Zoggs

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Noods Studio 1
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The creative radio come community space in Bristol is under threat.

Bristol institution Mickey Zoggs, the bar come venue which houses Noods Radio is under threat of eviction having been told that in order to remain they must raise funds to buy the space outright. The venue has become a creative hub for the music community in the city and has welcomed guests from far and wide.

In recent years the space has become an open platform where emerging talent plays alongside established contemporary artists including Dr Banana, Lena Willikens, Tash LC, Astrid Sonne, Main Phase, E Saggila, Prosumer, Tim Reaper, Coco Bryce, RP Boo, Kahn, Valentina Magaletti, DJ Sotofett and more.


The venue has been ordered to raise funds for a suitable purchase of the space as explained below:

“Your contributions will go towards us paying for a deposit to acquire a mortgage on the building. By acquiring the building, you’re helping to ensure the survival of an independent music venue/pub in Bristol and survival of Bristol’s radio station Noods Radio. As well as this, this will also help to ensure the ongoing work of the CIC arm of work Noods Levels that produces projects and programmes for Bristol’s young people.

We’re looking for support to raise £70,000 to go towards paying for the deposit on the building. With this money we’ll be able to lock down our mortgage offer and secure Zoggs’s place in Bristol. Through owning the building, we’ll ensure that Zoggs remains for the community and that Noods Radio has a secure home to keep broadcasting.


If we lose the building, we lose Mickey Zoggs.
If we lose Zoggs, the radio will not be viable.
If we lose the radio, all our community focus projects will be put on hold.”

Details and contributions can be found HERE.