State of the ‘Art’: Lisene meets the Minilab 3 and Pigments

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In our new video series, we invite artists to dig into the features and workings of some of Arturia’s newest products.

For the third instalment Leeds-based DJ and producer Lisene gets his hands on Pigments to see what he can get out of it.

Lisene is a DJ, producer and one of the minds behind party and label On Rotation.

He also makes up half of Space Cadets alongside fellow DJ and producer Adam Pits.


As both a DJ and producer he channels the spirit of the 90s, connecting the dots between trance, techno and  breakbeat. His releases as both Lisene and Space Cadets have come out via Planet Euphorique, Seven Hills and Salt Mines.

Pigments is a softsynth VST that lets you create any sound from modern presets to custom sound design. It gives you the power to explore all shades of synthesis and the entire spectrum of sound.

The Minilab 3 is a plug-and-play MIDI keyboard that includes a fully-integrated all-in-one software package, allowing you to get started right away with ease.

In this 40 minute video, he talks us through some of his workflow and the thought processes that goes into starting a track, generating ideas from scratch using Pigments. He also shows us how processing basic sounds can create far more interesting modulations while creating a deep techno track…


If you have any questions for Marlon, you can get in touch with him on Instagram, Soundcloud or Facebook. Follow Arturia to be kept up to date with their new product drops.