Single Review : Tazer – Wet Dollars


Whoever Tazer is, he’s made an important discovery – it doesn’t matter what the much abused vocals of Biggie Smalls say, because they sound fucking great regardless. ‘Wet Dollars’ -aka the UK’s best take on Percolator minimalism for years- takes a sample of the late, great Notorious B.I.G. rapping… ummm.. something? “Cargo”? “I go”? Who knows? Who cares? It sounds amazing, proving that Biggie was the best house MC there never was. And let's face it – if he was alive today he’d probably have ended up spitting bars on some Guetta created Ibiza tooled monstrosity, so, yep, it’s bad he’s dead, but every cloud eh?

And yeah, this track did first come out a full year ago… Jesus. That's what comes of not paying attention to what the shufflers are up to – the labels reissuing it now, but you can currently grab a copy from Juno here – if the track really picks up heat, it's quite possible that a major will step in, and this link will expire, so if you're feeling it you'd probably want to grab it quick…