Review: Crookers X Riddim Commission – This Summer


Crookers, what happened? There was a time – granted this was about 10 years ago – when every Crookers record would give you a cheeky, welcome surprise. In an electro scene that was a blur of identikit chocolate bars, they were the golden ticketed Wonka. I, like a great many people, used to look forward to a Crookers release. But this track is just … disappointing. It’s not bad, but it’s certainly not great, and most criminal of all, it's as predictable as rain in the English summer. I guess the loss of Bot from the Crookers duo has had more of an effect than remaining Crooker Phra whould care to admit – he’s not managed to recreate the duos former chemistry with this hook up with Riddim Commission, who are more than capable of producing decent bangy bass house when left to their own devices. The whole thing seems lazy, right down to the ‘this summer’ sample is, a dull eyed reach for the Yank festival market, something for the bros to holler while they smash chests and bum molly. Meh. A let down.