Review: Alex Jann – Computoid Transmission X EP


Off the back of a lively maiden voyage, the Censor spaceship returns to outerspace with Alex Jann at the helm. Combining bleep techno excellence with futuristic electro, the four-track EP travels through the solar system, reflecting stormy stellar encounters and star-side sailing. Featuring the dynamite Dutch duo of Animistic Beliefs on remix duties, this really is a complete NASA-approved release.

The record blasts off with Computoid Transmission X, a track loaded with sci-fi funk and cosmic energy. Crisp 808 percussion injects fuel into the engine, complete with snappy snares and punchy kicks, whilst a wonky, undulating synth melody propels the ship on a chaotic course through the stars. Robo-vocals add another layer of lunacy, interjecting with distorted commands. Co-pilots Animistic Beliefs' at steering the 'craft on back on track seem futile, producing another galactic heater.  The Rotterdam rocketeers' ethereal, airy synth stabs contrast against the headstrong thuds of the kick drum, with glowing hats and a throbbing modular bassline making this one for the 'floor. Turbulence up in the stratosphere. 

Crossing the waxy asteroid-belt, Firewall Culture's otherworldly groove keeps the sonic shuttle hurtling along. Bouncy percussion and fluid 303 goodness perform in tandem with refractive, shimmering synth details. Descending back to Planet Earth, Jupiter Storms closes out the EP in vaporous fashion. Loaded with bleeps and zaps, drifting synth keys, deep stabs and tranquil percussion float the ship back down to the big blue marble.