Video Premiere: Taroug – Jewels I

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Emotive futuristic music with a nod to the past from the mind of Tarek Zarroug.

As a solo drummer and a multi disciplinary electronic music producer, Tarek Zarroug channels music from Tunisia and its desert origins on a new album titled ‘Darts & Kites’.

The record features an abstract collection of poetic vocals, strings, percussion and noise which is as atmospheric as it comes as the Taroug alias evolves following a number of remixes.

This is his debut album and is out now on Denovali Records.


This track is called ‘Jewels I’ and is paired with a beautiful music video directed by Marie Brosius & Tarek Zarroug featuring a delicate dance and performance: William Hayibor Venous, Tom Diener.

There is a moody, pensive sentiment which makes this a poignant visual accompaniment to a beautiful track.

Watch below: