Like To Get To Know You Well: Ammonite

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Get to know Amy Spencer under her new moniker Ammonite as we celebrate the kick off of our love affair with her on Ransom Note Records…

In this series on Ransom Note we get to know the artists on our constellation of labels in greater detail. Last week we released Amy Spencer aka Ammonite’s ethereal beauty of a mini-debut LP Blueprints which explores two opposing sound worlds, the voice and technology. Where layers of improvised vocals meet electronic processing and flow like a glorious, glitchy, blue river.

Spencer was already a proficient singer-songwriter and a guest vocalist for Bicep (penning two tracks on their debut album), TVAM, DC Gore and Motsa but like many women in music, she experienced ‘imposter syndrome’ within male-dominated environments and preferred to leave others to produce.


With this new project as. Ammonite, Spencer decided to try something new – by creating fragments of self-reflective lyrics, drones of humming vowels and broken repetitive words, she constructed this 7-track debut sonic manifesto, with her voice at the forefront.

Throughout there’s vulnerability and strength, it’s close up and intimate, yet distant and reflective from another time, floating in the atmosphere between space and earth. It’s a pleasure to be working her at Ransom Note so with that in mind let’s get to know Amy Spencer in more detail…

I am… Ammonite (Amy Spencer)

Where am I? In Deptford, South London

What am I? A songwriter-producer

You may know me from other things like… the duo Charlotte Spiral or maybe some of the more ambient tracks on Bicep’s debut record (Ayr & Drift)…

A bit about the release… Blueprints is my first release on Ransom Note Records and it’s my debut as Ammonite, made just using my voice and electronic processing. It’s glitchy, experimental, sometimes melancholy, and other times quite intense! I’ve been so excited for  people to hear it.

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I get most frustrated when… I run out of time but also when time goes too slowly.


What to expect in the future… At the moment I’m working on some exciting collaborations. There will also be remixes of tracks from Blueprints coming out later this year, and I’m going to be playing a couple of shows leading into the summer including support for Olivia Chaney at Union Chapel, and I’m also putting on a night at The Albany Studio as part of the collective Unravel – it’s the second instalment of the event, curated by me with guests Dweller & Lapalace on 12 July. I’d also love to get more music out soon so keep eyes peeled!

I first felt like an adult when… I moved to London to study music at Goldsmiths

My proudest accomplishment is… hard to say, but right now it’s definitely Blueprints! A lot of work went into it, and I reckon it’s my best work yet.

The emoji I use most often is… 💙

My most useless talent is… that I can do (at least a couple) chin ups.

The last film I went to see was… Priscilla

When I was small I wanted to be… a singer hehe

My go to karaoke song is…. “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac or “Moon River” but that’s pretty depressing haha––

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I really don’t like doing karaoke though, I overthink it way too much, like worrying about what key it’s in or if I’m actually going to be way too drunk to sing in tune!

Controversial but I honestly think singers should be banned from karaoke.


If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be… breakfast

If I was stranded on a deserted island, I’d like to be stuck with… Woman’s Hour

My favourite kitchen appliance is… coffee machine

If I was the ruler of my own country, the first law I would introduce is…for all professional singers to be banned from karaoke…

If I had a warning label, it would say… “OVERTHINKS EVERYTHING!”


Blueprints by Ammonite is out now. Stream, buy etc etc Here.

More tbc… watch this space!