Premiere: nikos dervisis – liquid dome

5 Minute Read

Futuristic glitch inspired breaks from the London based producer.

It were as if they were all living in some kind of strange bubble – isolated from the rest of the world and very much alone. This is a place where the exiles lived and danced, having escaped from the flattened world outside.

This was the liquid dome, a place of selflessness and freedom in which one could float between the fluid.

Wild things grew here, wild ideas and wilder people. Wild things lived here, unbound by the limitations and rules and structures of a generation which had come once before.


nikos dervisis is set to self release a new EP which has already gathered support from the likes of  Martha, Ben UFO, 8ULENTINA and Dj Plead. This one features futuristic breaks and abstract glitches which make for a strange and wonderful, hypnotic affair.

Listen below: