Video Premiere: Stranded – Fallen


Dream pop meets breakbeat on this single from the Atlanta artist’s recent LP.


The city was silent and sleeping, only restless beings roamed the streets during the twilight hours. Night time hid a multitude of sins, secrets remained so during darkness and activities of the devilish kind were never frowned upon. But in the cold light of day, the traces of debauchery remained and the fears began to seep in.


In September Atlanta-based producer and musician Stranded released his new album ‘Midnight Sun’, coinciding with the relaunch of his label Double Phantom Records. On one of the featured singles ‘Fallen’, which comes complete with a special video created by Richard Vergez, he moves away from the darker side of his productions and into dreamier realms. Blending elements of dream pop and trip hop, he channels some of his formative inspirations into the breakbeat-driven groove, from 90s Primal Scream to Spacemen 3, Spritualized and Andrew Weatherall.

The accompanying video is made up of found footage and collages that compliments the dreamy sounds, conjuring up a likeness to the imagery of Adam Curtis.


Midnight Sun is out now on Double Phantom Records.