Video Premiere: Simas Slabačiauskas – Sun Jacuzzi (Instrumental Version)

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One third of the Smala crew and member of Tribal Ice Cream and 12 Inčų po žeme shares the second release on his Sorelsol imprint.

This place had a feeling. It was something indescribable, you simply had to experience it to know… There was a freedom that imbued everything, from mind to body, location to energy; nothing was constrained or shackled. They sat on the sand banks looking out to sea, the sun beat down on their backs as the slow and steady pulse of the music wrapped them up in a warm blanket. They were present, more present than they’d ever been before, if only this moment could last forever…


Simas Slabačiauskas has been part of the Lithuanian music scene for many years. Whether it’s through his iconic Smala nights (alongside Manfredas and Marijus Klimaitis), or his 12 Inčų po žeme project with the latter, to his more recent Tribal Ice Cream duo with Middle Sky Boom, good music remains at the core of everything he does.

With his first solo single under his given name, which also marks the second release on his newly founded Sorelsol label, he invites us to find our “inner sun” through the warm, organic rhythms of ‘Sun Jacuzzi’ which features vocals from his Tribal Ice Cream partner and guitar from JUODUOMENĖ member Tumosa. The release also comes with a stripped back instrumental version, and two remixes on the flip from Tim Paris and a clubby rendition from Middle Sky Boom.