Premiere: Danny Goliger – Dune

Various Artists – CDMUSIC008_cover

Club Designs rally several producers for an electro-leaning VA release.

The sand sparkled underneath the hot sun like a million diamonds, there was nothing else around for miles and miles. They looked out to the towering dunes that rose and fell, sloping and sliding across the landscape, painting curves on the horizon. The blue sky burned as bright as the sun, offsetting the golden hue of the ground below. This vast expanse was a beautiful sight to behold, one that was rarely seen by human eyes – they were incredibly lucky to be here that much was certain…


Vancouver’s Club Designs imprint return with a new Various Artists EP that puts one of their favourite genres into focus: electro. CDMUSIC008 features a ton of fresh faces from all over the world, including Finland, Germany, Pakistan and Argentina, many of whom will make their solo debuts on the label in the future. Featuring music the likes of Danny Goliger, buen clima and label boss Garneau, the eight tracks straddle classic and future-facing electro influences, all aimed at the dance floor.