Premiere: Years of Denial – City Lights


The French-Czech project return to Veyl Records for the second chapter in their Suicide Disco series.

Dusk had blurred into twilight and soon the sun was setting, bringing with it an all engulfing darkness. They’d been driving for some time without seeing any signs of life, but as they finally veered onto the highway, a flock of cars greeted them, each edging closer towards the sea of bright lights on the horizon. Escaping this had given them space to breathe and think but as the days passed they were aching to get back into the throes of city life.


Four years ago Years of Denial brought their potent blend of goth, post-punk, dark wave, EBM and techno to Veyl Records for their Suicide Disco LP. This self-coined name perfectly describes their sound, and it’s what they’re diving back into for the second chapter of this string of Veyl releases. This follow up balances slow burners, mournful romanticism, dystopian energy and a hefty dose of seductive body music which stays true to the pillars of the YoD sound.