Premiere: Jordan Stanley – Impossible


The Edinburgh experimental composer makes his debut on R$N offshoot Bytes with his second album.

The air in the city was thick with smoke and ash, and the buildings were grey and towering. The streets were filled with people, all walking with their heads down and their faces covered. It was a dystopian world, where hope was rare and joy was even rarer. But on this foggy night, there was a glimmer of something different. The people had heard whispers of a firework display, something that hadn’t been seen in the city for years. The display would be a celebration of hope, a chance to consign the bleakness of their lives to oblivion and momentarily revel in something beautiful.


As the sun set and the fog rolled in, people started to gather in the streets. They were cautious at first, not sure if the rumours were true. But then, they saw the first burst of colour in the sky, and they knew it was real. The fireworks were breathtaking. They exploded in the sky, sending showers of sparks raining down on the city. The colours were bright and bold, and for a moment, the people forgot about the darkness that surrounded them.

Edinburgh experimental composer Jordan Russell-Hall, aka Jordan Stanley, makes his debut on Bytes with his exceptional second album, A Cry For The Moon. There are shades of his Scottish contemporaries Hudson Mohawke and Rustie in these colourful experiments in microsampling. Like a magpie snaffling shiny objects for its nest, Jordan has procured samples from all corners of the electronic and pop music realm – from Charli XCX and Mr Mitch to Ariana Grande and Jimmy Edgar – to help form a vivid sound palette of vibrant synths, frenetic Jersey Club-influenced rhythms and lush ambience.


Glitch-techno banger ‘Impossible’ is the first taster of the album, released today, with the album to follow on Friday April 28. It is available to pre-order as a super limited edition cassette from Bytes Bandcamp and digitally in all the usual places. Jordan hopes to perform A Cry For The Moon live later this year.