Video Premiere: Rx-101 – Tunnel


The flickering light illuminated the gloominess of the industrial park. The fire door which led to the underground below glowed green under the spotlight. There was little here to suggest that there might be something inconspicuous afoot beneath the concrete floor. Deep down in the tunnel below there was a mysterious secret lurking for those who were brave enough to seek its knowledge. A new life lived deep below the world above, it was but a dream within the darkness and the tunnel was the entry point. In time the rumours would spread about this place, but for now it would remain under the radar and under wraps. A beautiful secret waiting to be shared with the unconcious planet. 

Solvent's Suction have just released new music from RX-101. Intelligent, hypnotic electronic sounds echo throughout the discourse of the record and this is reflected in a new video designed by Robert Fantinatto who captures the essence of the release in an eerie vision. Watch the video for 'Tunnel' below:

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