Video Premiere: O-SHiN – It Takes Time

O-Shin-Album-Cover-Blue (1)

The Berlin-based songwriter and producer shares a visual animation for a track taken from her latest album II / ∞ (Second of Infinity).

Yesterday she longed for today, today she longed for tomorrow; time seemed to move slower when it became the epicentre of her life. She didn’t want to wish it away but her thoughts were constantly clouded, her focus eternally slipping through her fingers. With the passing minutes and hours she knew she’d forget and heal and grappling with her impatience had become easier as the days passed. Gradually old memories were replaced with new ones and life would move on but everything always took time…


For O-SHiN, her debut album II / ∞ (Second of Infinity) provided an emotional respite and acted as a kind of musical therapy. She began writing it several years ago before going through a terrifying life experience, finding herself on board a plane with a terrorist whilst travelling from Rome to Amsterdam. Inevitably this had a huge impact on her but the writing of the album helped her cope with the feelings and emotions she was going through at the time.

It was released into the world last month via Galaxy Cat Records, and though parts of it were birthed in the aftermath of this experience, thematically the album is filled with positivity, touching on growth love and transformation through experimental pop, field recordings and colourful electronica.


II / ∞ (Second of Infinity) is out now on Galaxy Cat Records.