Video Premiere: Đ.K. – Sacred Creatures

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Written by Alasdair King

Đ.K. is an innovative musician who has worked for many years broadening his approach towards sound design.

He began by releasing abstract dance and electronic music on the likes of Antinote and Odd Frequencies but has steadily evolved as an artist releasing new age, fourth world inspired musings in the present on the likes of 12th Isle Abstracke and Good Morning Tapes.

He has recently launched his own record label called Worship, which acts as an outlet for him to release music at his own pace and leisure, the latest of which came in the form of a cassette tape called ‘Gate of Enlightenment’.


Now it has been paired in an audio visual collaboration with visual artist Marie Quéau creating a fitting accompaniment to a track taken from the release titled ‘Sacred Creatures’.

Marie Quéau’s experimental video explores frontiers between mythology and technology, revisiting the legendary dragon figure with DIY psychedelic morphing effects and accelerated nocturnal visions.

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