Video Premiere: Kit Grill – Feather


Towering skyscrapers flanked by vibrant, neon lights transformed and flashed in varying colours and sizes as they moved down the strip. Everywhere you turned, something interesting was ensuing: a finely suited man urged passers-by to take business cards for debauched nocturnal activities, families fumbled over their cameras to take photos in front of plastic monuments, and street entertainers wowed onlookers with cheap tricks. If you blinked you missed something, then continued unsure if it even happened in the first place…  

Artist, producer and NTS resident Kit Grill is gearing up for the release of his new album Ride, coming out via his own Primary Colours imprint. The result of six months of work, the 12-track LP signals a more structured approach to composition, with his use of the Fairlight CMI keyboard granting him a new means of experimentation and a fresh sound palette to work from. A wide breadth of influences can be heard across the album, from krautrock to new wave and ambient to synth-pop, culminating in a batch of orchestrations that range from avant-pop to electronic dance.

Speaking about the track, Kit said, “I re-wrote this track a number of times and the final edit felt complete once the guitar, pitch shift and ending was complete. ‘Feather’ goes through different stages sonically and then ends on a sound almost like a vocal on a wave going up and down. The video I made to accompany it came about through finding the visuals of 70s Las Vegas on youtube. I reached out to the people that recorded it and they sent me the footage to use. I didn’t know how it would end up but it has a slight ‘Fear and Loathing…’ feel to it, passing through a city and having numerous icons, colours, patterns etched into your memory but you’re not necessarily sure what just happened.”