Premiere: Rigson – Digital Tears (Trance Mix)


The Ganzfeld Records boss takes us on a trance trip with his new release for Shoganai Records.

The outside world was a mystery to him; there was an innate sense of fear that came with the idea of human interaction. Every day he sat slumped behind his computer from dusk till dawn, sucked into the digital world. This was his reality now – this was where he’d met his friends, formed his romantic relationships, shared his secrets and found his voice. The normality of everyday life just wasn’t for him, he preferred this way of living and he wouldn’t change it for anybody.


We all love a bit of trance don’t we? Well Rigson’s next outing, a return to Grenoble-based label Shoganai following 2020’s Private Hell EP, will do much to satisfy your euphoria cravings. The Amsterdam-based producer and label boss of Ganzfeld Records follows more recent contributions to both his own imprint and LYO’s last Driving Blind compilation with ‘Digital Tears’. The EP features a remix from Nthr1 and two original versions – one electro and one trance – the latter of which is giving us proper early Ibiza energy with its lush, Balearic pads and emotive acid lines.


Digital Tears will be released on Shoganai Records on 22nd August.