Premiere: Manami – Overture One

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Manami – Eventide In Orbit – ARTWORK

Manami readies her debut full length EP for Viscera Transmissions.

There’s a first time for everything, at least that was what he had been told. Then why was it that he felt as if he’d been here before? Lived through this moment? The deja vu of a reality that was not his?

This was the first overture. It might be the only opportunity presented to him to escape from this place, perhaps that was why he felt as if he’d lived this moment a thousand times already. In some ways he already had.

He’d dreamt of far flung getaways, of action packed escapes, of perilous and noble pursuits which would break down the walls and cease the charade for them all. This was the one shot…


Manami is set to release her debut full length EP on Viscera Transmissions, the record label offshoot of the prominent dance and electronic music focussed magazine. The EP features a collection of tracks inspired by early trance and 90’s house – the result is effortlessly progressive and spaced out. This one is a track called ‘Overture 1’ and it features atmospheric pads, acid stabs and euphoric sequencing which will lend itself to the later hours.

Listen below: