Video Premiere: Cosmo Vitelli – Tisja feat. Tanja Vežic


Thick moss and ivy covered the towering building in the centre of the town, it had not seen much love and care since it first opened its doors decades ago. Now and then faint lights gleamed from inside but the locals still debated whether there was any living beings inside the old space. The windows were barred, the doors locked, however every now and then shrieking cries would come from inside. There was a theory that even in the old days nobody was ever allowed in or out, but of course, this was all whisperings. Nobody knew the real truth of what went on behind those doors. 

I'm A Cliche boss Cosmo Vitelli debuts on Ivan Smagghe's Les Disques de la Mort with an EP displaying the darker, headier side of his productions. Aptly named 'Un épisode Psychotique', the release follows his appearance earlier this year on Malka Tuti and brings together EBM, dark Italo psychedelic cold wave influences.