Premiere: Zoo Look – Release

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

The duo return with a three track EP full of love and sun kissed energy for the heat of summer on Permanent Vacation.

It were as if the windows had been wheeled wide upon so as they could all bathe in the glow of the warm, radiant sun which poured down from the heavens up above. It was the release they had all been waiting for, the sign that summer was here and that the cold, dark days of winter had been banished for at least another season.

Soon wild things would grow, flowers and plants and the dense greenery of the grass would glow and bloom a radiant green in the light of the golden rays before fading a soft gentle brown.

This was the season he loved the most, a special time in which he felt most whole and at one with everything around him…


Zoo Look are back! The pair have returned in triumphant style with a new EP for Permanent Vacation. ‘Release’ is perhaps their most direct offering to date – channeling elements of euphoric, melodic house alongside discerning bass infused tendencies. This one will work magic on the dancefloor, especially with that tasty little pause.

Listen below and Buy HERE.