Premiere: Zillas On Acid and Alex Burkat – The Leisure Hive


Throne of Blood bring together the Philadelphian artists for a two-tracker.

Not many people knew about the wonders of this underground party. It was, and always had been, a word of mouth situation, restricted to those who were non-judgmental and willing to let go of their inhibitions. This is the way it would always be: it ensured the space to be safe, sacred and untouched, and the partygoers to be faces who’d soon become friends and not remain strangers.


For their next release, a digital two-tracker titled The Leisure Hive, NYC’s Throne Of Blood link up three Philadelphian artists: Optimo and Les disques de la mort signees Zillas On Acid and Permanent Vacation and Mister Saturday Night alumni Alex Burkat. The three artists first met at Dave P’s Making Time parties where the former duo have been resident DJs for years. It’s this night that inspired the idea behind this new release: two “psychedelic dance floor jams” that are custom-made to soundtrack the frivolities at open-minded soirees like Making Time.