Premiere: dj_2button – Distant UFO Signals

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The inaugural release on Noods Radio’s new label Dummy Hand.

Anxiety had been crippling him these last few days, finding enjoyment in anything had become a huge chore. He felt like he wasn’t in his right place; he didn’t know the faces around him, he didn’t recognise the buildings he passed – he was in need of familiarity and home comforts. There was a sense of belonging that had been snatched from him since moving to this new place, it was something he was unsure he’d ever find…


Noods Radio are dipping their toes into label waters with the launch of Dummy Hand, a brand new imprint driven by the independent ethos of the station and a dedication to “music from the outer fringes of the dance floor”. For their first foray they’ve invited Vancouver-based dj_2button, a former resident of both Noods and its home of Bristol, who comes correct with Transient Communications, a collection of tracks that were inspired by feelings of wanting to be home. Sonically the release has a DIY feel, featuring tripped out rhythms and percussive grooves, that echo influences like punk, techno and industrial.


Transient Communications is out on 12th April as a limited vinyl run of 300 and digital download, with the bonus track Waves available as an exclusive download via Bandcamp.