Premiere: Endrik Schroeder – Rainy Days


Ombra International return with another instalment in their flagship VA series.

Why did the topic of conversation always seem to come back to the weather? It was a subject that got more airtime than she’d like, but generally that was the centre of all small talk these days. If it wasn’t the rain, it was the wind, if not the wind, the few days of sunshine that gave us a glimmer of hope for a moment. Was it the only talking point we all had in our arsenal? Could we not find more common ground than the forecast for the coming weeks? That remained to be seen.


Ombra International’s VA series consistently brings together artists who may be miles away geographically, but sonically there’s barely any distance at all. For the next instalment, which also marks the label’s 21st release, they call on producers from the UK, France and Germany, namely Rees, Tony Y Not, JH.L.M, Kimshies and Endrik Schroeder. Our pick comes from the latter who joins the Ombra family off the back of releases on Zone and Ritmo Fatale with a dark, 80s-driven Italo number.