Premiere: Coloray – Line Break (Sam Goku Remix)


Sam Goku, Nadia Struiwigh and Baril flip tracks from the the Intercept boss’ album.

Were there other worlds out there we didn’t know about? Worlds where people who looked and spoke just like us were going about their daily business as we were on earth. Worlds that were still affected by wars and famine, poverty and injustice; worlds that were full of love and passion, ambition and hope. Perhaps there were… It’s unlikely we’d ever know, but we could continue to imagine.


Last July Atomnation brought us the debut album from Intercept head honcho Coloray. Future Static was a fusion of bright synths and elegant grooves, full of colour and emotion. As an appendix to the release the label have invited three artists to offer up their own interpretations of tracks from the album: namely Intercept label mate Baril, Atomnation alumni Sam Goku and CPU producer Nadia Struiwigh. Our pick is from Sam who takes ‘Line Break’ into cosmic realms with shimmering synths and soaring chords that lift us up into the atmos.