Premiere: Zamal – Moving Air (Peter Invasion & Gregor Habicht Remix)

PACKSHOT Zamal – Vague (incl. Raphael Schon, Peter Invasion & Gregor Habicht Remixes) – Freeride Millenium

The Stuttgart-based producer’s debut EP signals a new musical direction for Jorkes’ Freeride Millenium imprint.

Fog hung thick and heavy in the air, covering the trees and the roofs of the houses along the street. It brought a palpable sense of mystery to the place, as though something strange and unsettling could happen at any moment. Odd occurrences had happened here before; unexplainable situations and curious disappearances that had previously been cast off as nothing by those who weren’t superstitious. Many still believed this street to be under a certain spell though, and they weren’t willing to stick around for something to happen…


Stuttgart-based producer Zamal’s debut EP takes Freeride Millenium – the imprint run by Vienna-based DJ and producer Jorkes – down a new sonic path. Following a series of self-released tracks and two contributions to the label’s Queer Base and Impact compilations, he delivers Vague, which moves the label into the realms of techno, with its tough grooves and galloping drum workouts. It comes backed by remixes from Raphael Schön and RIOTVAN owner Peter Invasion with regular collaborator Gregor Habicht, who veer the originals into classic cosmic Freeride Millenium territory.