Premiere: Yuri Suzuki – Side Effect


Sleep had become a thing of the past; she couldn’t remember the last night she’d been able to drift off for more than a moment. It was as if her body was forcing her awake, shocking her before she fell into deep REM. She remained on the precipice. Now the days felt like a waking dream; she was never truly present. Instead she floated through life in a sleepless limbo, constantly questioning what was reality and what was not.

Matthew Herbert’s Accidental label are launching into their 21st year with a release from sound artist and designer Yuri Suzuki, coming via their dance music-indebted sub-label Accidental Jr. Made up of three tracks—that showcase his love of Chicago and Acid House—’Thanet House’ was written after Suzuki relocated from London to Margate in 2020, and quickly found himself in lockdown with only the company of several classic dance music machines: Roland’s TR-808, 909, 303 and Juno.