Premiere: Yosh – Keep Coming

Written by Grace Morton

Dansu Discs welcome London producer Yosh for their 39th release.

He gripped both edges on the chair as the dentist slowly reclined him until he lay horizontal, the blinding ceiling lights attacked his eyes. “OPEN WIDE!” The dentist bellowed, picking up a large pair of sparkling pliers. He opened his mouth.“WIDER.” He opened his mouth wider. “WIDER!” The dentist grinned and put on her surgical mask. 

Pinning her combat boot on his chest, she took the pair of pliers and slotted them over his upper left molar. “3…” The dentist squeezed the pliers together. “2…” She pressed her foot down harder onto his chest. “1…” She ripped the molar from his mouth, raising it into the air like a trophy. 


Combining the addictive sounds of garage, breakbeat and broken rhythms, Manchester-based Dansu Discs bring you their second release of the year, and the second artist EP on the label from Yosh. Titled Erosion, the A-side blends wavering breaks and deadly subs, showing us a playful new side of the Timeisnow affiliate’s productions, while the B-side harnesses his well loved swung beats, lively stabs and compelling bass lines.