Premiere: Datafive – Outsiders

LAB003 Artwork

The Lab co-founder and fellow boss Slak team up for a joint release which marks a new chapter in their label journey.

They felt a thousand eyes burning into their back of their head, hushed whispers containing their names echoed off the walls – there was nowhere else they’d rather be than here in this very moment. It was clear they had no alliances anymore, let alone a soul they could call a friend. Their names had been sullied, tarnished, dragged through the mud and what for? Unproved rumours, myths and falsities… They were outsiders now, strangers in their own homes.


Datafive and Slak started their Lab Music imprint back in 2019, each taking care of the inaugural and sophomore EPs one at a time. For their third they combine forces for a collaborative release that showcases both sides of their influences: the introspection of Datafive’s output and Slak’s break-techno mutations. It’s a marriage made in heaven in our opinion, beyond their own distinctive flavours, the pair play with moody, dub-wise sounds and broken rhythms and glitchy electronics.