Premiere: World Wild Web – Colony

world wide web – transmutations

Manuel Jesus aka World Wild Web, releases debut LP, “Transmutation,” on Enter Planet Dust on April 30th, a rag-tag bundle of scrappy guitar anthems and cosmic joints exploring themes of anxiety, overconsumption and Web 3.0, nodding to the global cosmic continuum. We’re premiering the first track Colony.

Once upon a time, in a world wild web far beyond our own, there was a colony of creatures known as the Tazlings. These little creatures were skilled in the art of transmutation, able to change their form and shape at will. They lived in a beautiful forest filled with all kinds of magical plants and creatures.

One day, a human named Donald Dust stumbled upon the Tazlings’ colony. He was a greedy man who had been searching for a way to make himself rich and powerful. When he saw the Tazlings’ abilities, he decided to capture them and force them to use their powers for his own gain.


However, the Tazlings were not easily taken. They used their transmutation skills to hide and evade Donald Dust’s grasp. In his frustration, he turned to the cursed fruits that grew in the forest, hoping to use their dark magic to capture the Tazlings.

Little did he know, the cursed fruits had a mind of their own, and their magic was more powerful than he could handle. As he tried to capture the Tazlings, the cursed fruits turned on him, transforming him into a grotesque creature.

The Tazlings, free from Donald Dust’s clutches, were grateful for the cursed fruits’ intervention. From that day forward, they made sure to keep their colony hidden from outsiders, using their transmutation skills to protect themselves and their magical world wild web.

World Wild Web 5 (credit – Katharina Kohler)


Transmutations will be released on 30th April. Pre Order on the link to the left right there.