Premiere: TIN MAN – Espace Gestuel


The acid maestro makes a departure from his club-focused productions for a komische-influenced outing on Bureau B.

Something had to give, that much was certain. The situation had become unsustainable and one of them needed to take their leave – who would be the one to take the hit though was another matter entirely… There was a lot riding on that decision. They’d hoped all of this would end in a graceful, amicable compromise but the reality was far from that, only time and space could heal these wounds now.


You can’t mention Tin Man without mentioning acid. The producer has become synonymous with the 303, using the infamous machine to create all kinds of squelchy and hypnotic variations for Global A Records, Acid Test and Infrastructure New York as well as teaming up with artists like John Tejada and Jozef K. For his next release, he makes his debut on Bureau B with Arles, a release that departs from his usual dance floor offerings and explores beautiful melodies and cosmic vibrations – there’s no question it’s still a Tin Man creation though.