Video Premiere: David Kitt – Till The End

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Re:Warm are set to release a splendid new album by musician David Kitt having teased a number of tracks on Bandcamp.

This latest video accompanies a track called ‘Till The End’ which has been meticulously crafted by Donal Dineen who produced the video with David.

This is the story behind the video:

“Falling in love with a tune is one thing but staying in love while you make a video for it is quite another. There’s nothing that stretches that loving feeling to the limits like another listen after a hundred too many on a bad day in Hollywood. But I fell for ‘Till The End and all its charms too fast and too hard to think about all of that as I promptly set about dissecting its component parts and listening to it to death.


That moment of surrender where the seed is sown is a sweet one for sure. From there on however, it’s a creative trek and a half to the finishing line in all sorts of weather. All the consolation you need on your slow descent through the seven circles of doubtful hell from that initial point of pure inspiration to the moment of final cut resolution ought to be there in the original sound. That’s why you’re on the journey together, after all.

It’s the truth in the music that fires us to these lengths we go. The trick is not losing the spark. That’s the key. There was never any danger with ‘Till The End. It does what it says on the tin and the love stayed strong and the fire burned brightly ‘till way beyond that moment when the end credits rolled.

It’s mostly old, but Kerry was the new Hollywood just for one day with this shoot. Thanks to the help of our chief soldier-on-the-ground in the kingdom, Keith Phelan, we struck gold with the location at Ballymac Handball Club. Doors were flung open and red carpets unfurled to our great delight. It was a dream space to work in. Danny Riordan was the man with the Midas touch there.

Like all good mysteries however, the action began on location al fresco west of Tralee in the shivering mouth of the bay on a January morning.

The hill David climbs is a mystery unto itself. Can you Fenit? The beach is another story. The reason the rest of the video looks so good is because it was shot by George Doyle who I have known for years and edited by Paídí Cronin who is my oldest friend. Masters at work, both of them. Making this video together for our mutual pal David Kitt was a dream come true.

Not only did we come out the other side still loving the track to bits but it appears we made it all the way without killing each other either.
Always a bonus. I Have to admit, you can’t beat that feeling of waking up alive with a song in your heart and light in your head. That’s how it felt on the morning we shot this video. There’s a beautiful enigma entwined at the heart of the song. It’s that unknowable part in all great music that acts as a kind of skeleton key to the soul. The way I saw it, if the video for this song could serve and preserve that sweet little mystery then it’d have done my job.

We live in hope.”

Watch below: