Premiere: WDDS – Subway (Jungle Mix)

Subway Artwork 22

The Woozy producer is back on his own label with a no-nonsense jungle cut.

The city lights flashed by in a blur of colours, their reflection painting shapes on the windows. Lost souls and sober faces rubbed shoulders, forced smiles and vacant eyes met across the carriage. One journey was different to the next, but here everyone was bundled together trying to find their way somewhere unknown. Where were they headed? Where had they been? Each had a name, each had a story to tell, each had fears and desires that bubbled below…


Brighton-based producer WDDS has an elegant yet straightforward take on jungle, DnB and breaks. Recently he’s contributed to a compilation on Dublin label Woozy, while on his own imprint he’s been churning out a series of floaty, atmospheric singles that fill you to the brim with nostalgia. The next is ‘Subway’, which began as a voyage into melodic breaks but took a turn into no-nonsense jungle territory as part of WDDS’ live set. It might be more of a heavy hitter than his previous outing but it still retains that inherent dreaminess we’ve come to associate with his music.


Subway will drop exclusively on Bandcamp on 18th August and be available everywhere from the 26th August.