Premiere: System Olympia & Tom Sharkett – Jealousy

5 Minute Read
System Olympia & Tom Sharkett- Jealousy Artwork
Written by Alasdair King

Dreamy, synth driven music from an unexpected collaboration.

She lay by the poolside, dipping her hands into the water as she wondered where her lover might be. It had been three days since he’d left her in the baking heat, stuck in a motel on the wrong side of town. She’d never dreamt it might have turned out like this? What with all the money, the wild nights and the excess. How had it all come crashing down around them all so horribly? Why was she the one all alone?

She’d never thought of herself as the jealous type before, perhaps it took strange circumstances to channel strange emotions. Jealousy was a funny thing..

Anyway, it was mid afternoon and her next client would be arriving shortly, she better get ready. Quick, whip it, fast, flash.


System Olympia and Tom Sharkett team up for a new track which channels all the emotions of a late night telephone call in the backstreets of a hot country far away. This one is for the jealous types, the late night lovers and their rendezvous.

Listen below: