Premiere: Kutkh Jackdaw – A Warrior’s Song Before The Flesh Is Eaten (Movement Remix)

A Warrior’s Song Before The Flesh Is Eaten cover art

A dark 2-step remix of a track originally released on a charitable compilation for Sonidos Subterraneos.

In the darkness they prepared themselves for the battle ahead. What little resources they had left they stockpiled in a safe place, guarded by those who were considered too weak to fight on the field. As soon as the sun reared its head on the horizon, the enemy would soon be on the move and time would be against them. Rumours had reached them that the opposition’s army far outweighed their own but they had something to fight for that the others didn’t; this battle was for everyone, it was for humanity.


In June Brighton-based Scotsman Kutkh Jackdaw contributed a dark, industrial rhythmic cut to Medellin-based label Sonidos Subterraneos’ compilation Estado De Golpe, a release aimed at raising awareness of and rejecting all forms of abuse, with profits being donated to social work causes. As a follow up to the track, Kutkh invited fellow Brighton producer Movement to put his own spin on it, and that he did, twisting the original into a heady 2-step remix that calls to mind artists and labels of the pre-dubstep era like El-B, Horsepower Productions and Digital Mystikz.