Premiere: Poly Chain – Buspironum


Terra Magica call on the talents of artists from across the globe for their Axisdance compilation.

Today the invisible grey cloud hung thick over her head, refusing to move no matter how hard she willed it. The thought of stepping into the outside world felt like an impossible task, she’d prefer to bury her head under the covers and sleep the day away until she woke up no longer feeling like this, but that had never worked for her before. Even so, though there were times it felt as if there were no escape, ultimately there was a light at the end of the tunnel.


Terra Magic are back with their third release, Axisdance, a various artists compilation that calls on their talented friends from around the world. Coming on a double 12″, the release features music from the likes of Poly Chain, Mogwaa, Jacques Satre, Jai and Rambal Cochet, among others, and oscillates from driving trance-tinged rhythms and hypnotic, twinkling electro to sludgy, crawling acid and heavy break beat cuts. Every track has its own flavour but together they form a carefully-curated package that’ll take you on a trip to the cosmos.