Premiere: Vid Vai – Incubation Theory


Boe Recordings sub-label, For Those That Knoe, welcome the Slovenian producer for an EP indebted to UK bleep and IDM sounds.

The computer screen stared back at her; as blank as it was when she started a few days ago. Inspiration just wasn’t coming at the moment, her head was empty of thoughts, she couldn’t even muster up a sentence. Each morning, in her sleep deprived state, she’d give herself a mental pep talk – today was going to be the day it would flow… But they didn’t seem to work and now she’d got herself in too deep; it had become a task in itself to unglue her eyes from the screen. She had to prize herself away, at least just for a moment, perhaps then the answers she was searching for would finally become clear.


For Those That Knoe’s mission has been the same for its near decade-long operation. Dedicated to shining a light on obscure and under-the-radar artists of recent past, the Boe Recordings sub-label has helped to revive music that hasn’t gotten its due recognition first time round. For their next release, rather than looking to the past, they hone in on a contemporary artist who has been bubbling below the surface in his home of Slovenia.

Vid Papez, AKA Vid Vai, joins the label for his debut LP Laminar Flow: a collection of tracks that tip the hat to early 90s IDM, UK bleep and breakbeat. His classically trained background – he plays violin, lute and guitar – comes through in each track’s composition. They’re precise, intricate and flow like water.