Premiere: Verraco – Daniela


She was beautiful. Her dusty boots rattled as she tread through the dusty outback and the sand billowed in a great flurry behind her. She was beautiful. Her gun was loaded and packed away, locked and ready for any trouble which might occur. She was beautiful. Daniela was her name and she was the queen of these parts, no man would cross her, for she was a villainous warrior. 

Verraco is the musical project of an artist based in Medellín, Colombia. Amidst a complicated social, political and economic environment he rebels against external pressure through music whilst using only a Korg MS20, Juno 106 and Yamaha CS80. This is the first release to appear on his own label, Insurgentes. A musical protest if you will. Listen to "Daniela" below: 

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