Premiere: Veronique Samsung – Exode Brutal

VF1 titre blanc

The French duo are joined by Simo Cell as co-arranger and co-mixer.

For miles and miles, herds of people lined the rocky paths, laden with their life’s belongings. This exit was not of their own making, they’d been driven from their homes without an opportunity to gather everything and say their goodbyes to the place they’d known all their lives. The road ahead would be treacherous, and they would be met with challenge after challenge — a forced and brutal exodus should be inflicted on no human being.


French producers Clément Cosset and Tom Nominé have been collaborating for a decade under various projects and guises. Their latest and final iteration of their work together comes under the name Veronique Samsung and is the result of recording sessions in Nantes alongside Simo Cell, who co-arranged and co-mixed the record.

The duo are driven by experimentation and improvisation, both sonically and practically, and with each project have sought to challenge their approach and push their creative boundaries. On ‘Départements d’Outre​-​Tombe’ they employ new instruments, namely two suitcases full of analogue machines and a guitar, and new influences — Italo, breakbeat, acid and Balearic — to produce a record that’s fluid and narrative-led.


Départements d’Outre​-​Tombe is out on 10th December.