Premiere: Uabos – East Vision

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A stellar new split EP from an up and coming record label called Bran.

The golden sun rose over the city igniting the streets with a hazy light which would warm the day. Looking out upon the glorious view he breathed a sigh. Soon the city would be buzzing with life and activity as travellers went busily to work. He on the other hand had no place to be, no place to go and was happy watching it all from his tall window overlooking it all. This was his East vision, a little elevated paradise in a metropolis of wild people and wild life.

Bran are set to release a new split EP from a collection of artists including Uabos, Herzel, Metropolitan Soul Museum and Flute Power. The imprint describes itself as having an “aspiration is to create a distinctive contemporary musical language; where older and younger generations of artists, local talents and renewed international artists from the electronic music scene will contribute to the creative process.”