Premiere: Komodo – Vanquished Angst (Jonny Rock Dragon Remix)


Music platform and party Viscera release their debut digital EP on their newly minted Viscera Transmissions.

Today she’d decided enough was enough. Too much time had been wasted on unworthy people; too much brain power invested in things beyond her control. Her anger at the world was more than justified but for a as long as she could remember she’d let it consume her everyday life. There was only so much she could do, only so much she could say; sitting with the feeling of being helpless was simply an inevitability she had to deal with. It was time she vanquished her angst.


Cosmic party starters and music platform Viscera took their first steps into the label world last year with the release of their first Galactic Service Broadcasting compilation. A sophomore comp followed, continuing their journey into the ‘furthest reaches of the dance-floor cosmos’, and now they’re gearing up for their first digital EP: a batch of low slung, psychedelic creations from Jakarta-based producer Komodo.

Guitar stabs, acid lines and dub-wise rhythms form the basis of the release, which comes complete with remixes from Club Blanco boss Chez De Milo and the inimitable Jonny Rock who brings his signature oddball touch to twist the original into a mind-expanding re-dub.


Mirror Claws will be released on Viscera on 26 November. Official video created by #myshrineismybassline.